Transportable, simple, robust, and precise Olfactometer. Made in Italy.

LEO olfactometer is the result of more than fifteen years of first-hand experience and ongoing design and development of scientific instruments, especially in the field of dynamic olfactometry.

Suitable either for an olfactometry laboratory or for a mobile laboratory

LEO olfactometer is suitable either for laboratories, public and private, or for public research bodies that need to perform olfactometric analysis. In fact, it can be used either in a traditional context or in mobile laboratory allowing to:
  • minimize storage time of the samples
  • increase the flexibility of analytical process;
  • give faster results

Apparatus in which a sample of odorant gas is diluted with neutral gas in a defined ratio and presented to the assessors.

Olfattometro LEO Light Evolution Olfactometer

29 steps dilution system

Compact, transportable, and precise LEO olfactometer has a unique and specifically designed dilution system. It ensures maximum measurement accuracy and repeatability with a dynamic range of 29 dilution steps. This dilution system and the possibility to select the resolution by software allow to perform fast and precise measurements and to reach higher odor concentrations compared to other instruments on the market that use the yes/no method. Furthermore, thanks to inert material used for the elements crossed by the sample, our olfactometer offers an odor analytical recovery ranging from 92% to 99%. Download the Brochure with all the technical information about LEO.

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Why nowadays a mobile olfactometer is so important for analysis?

The variable time-range that can elapse between sampling and analysis in laboratory leads often, especially in certain industrial contexts, to a loss of sample and, consequently, to a misleading interpretation of olfactometric load of the source. A reduction of time-range between sampling and analysis is fundamental to minimize these artifacts. The transportable olfactometer allows a better implementation of the analysis process already in a mobile unit. Having an on-site analysis instrument allows to get faster and more reliable results.

LEO Control Software: the best support for the management of the olfactometer and of the olfactometric laboratory in accordance with GDPR.

LEO Control Software is specifically dedicated to our olfactometer and is also meant to support olfactometric laboratory in the analytical processes and in performance quality control. Designed with specific features, it allows to be fully compliant to the traceability of the modifications to the database and to readily get all the data and information necessary to get through the audits without any trouble or any stress.
LEO pannello di controllo

Strengths of LEO Control Software

  • real-time visualization of the measurement during analysis session
  • full management of quality controls
  • availability of accuracy and repeatability parameters
  • • automatic update of the parameters for panelists and for the laboratory
LEO software has been developed in accordance with GDPR 2016/679 about privacy.

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